Every professional musician should be able to earn his living with his profession. Nevertheless, in the musical field ‘professional’ is often translated as ‘good’ instead of its real meaning: ‘professional’. The cliché of the musician who keeps his head above water with side jobs such as taxi driving and sacrifices his quality of life for his true passion, however, is only romantic in movies.

This is why we have the ambition to not only make our musicians better sound artists, but also to prepare them comprehensively for their future profession – just like in any good education.

Your instructors

The instructors in the Business Program of the Professional Program of the Modern Music School are all specialists in their field and highly qualified didactically.

Business Program

The Professional Program of the Modern Music School also teaches the basics that are essential for the financial success as a musician.

A key to this financial success is the PP’s Business Program. This part of the training is not only about record contracts, GEMA, and GVL, but mainly about commercial and business topics as well as concepts that will enable you to grow continuously as a professional musician.