JR Robinson

Focus Areas: Studio Drumming

John “JR” Robinson’s grooves have enriched albums that made music history. Over the decades, he played on several thousand albums that sold more than 300 million copies in total. That probably makes it impossible not to hear “JR” on the radio for a day. His credits truly include all the great artists of pop music, from Chaka Khan and Lionel Richie to Eric Clapton, Madonna, Seal, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and no other than Michael Jackson.

Mike Sleath

Focus Areas: Pop/Rock

Mike Sleath is a drummer and percussionist, who’s energy, creativity and style has seen him perform all over the world on some of the biggest stages. After spending over a decade globe trotting with an array of different established artists, Mike has found a home in the last 8 years as the full-time touring drummer for Grammy nominated artist, Shawn Mendes.

“Deftly backing Mendes on the road is Mike Sleath, whose powerful energy has driven the singer’s live show since 2015.” Modern Drummer Nov. 2019

Having performed with many artists including John Mayer, Miley Cyrus, Camila Cabello, Khalid and Zedd to name a few, Mike has made a name for himself on the world stage. Mike has been featured in The Modern Drummer, Rolling Stone, Drumeo, Canadian Musician and many interviews and music podcasts.

Notably, Mike has brought his passion and enthusiasm to performances at the Grammys, VMA’s, SNL, AMA’s, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Rock In Rio as well as legendary venues Wembley Stadium, The Royal Albert Hall, and Madison Square Garden.

Mike has performed on record for the rock remix of Katy Perry’s smash hit “I Kissed a Girl” as well as Shawn Mendes’ releases “MTV Unplugged” and “Live at Madison Square Garden”.

George Kollias

Focus Areas: Double Bass Drumming / Metal

He is one of the fastest drummers in the world. His play with the Swivel Technique, which allows him to perform two strokes with one pedal stroke, has become his trademark, as well as the One-Foot-Blasting technique.

His experience as a drummer of the internationally successful band NILE and 300 beats per minute make George Kollias the best lecturer for the metal genre. In the Professional Program, he teaches you all the important skills and tricks for metal drumming.

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Walfredo Reyes Jr.

Focus Areas: Latin / Pop / Rock / Touring / Studio

One of the most versatile and popular drummers in the scene is Walfredo Reyes Jr. Whether in the studio, on tour or as a drum teacher on the percussions, on the drum set or a mixture of both – Walfredo is a musician who puts all his passion, heart and soul into music and music lessons. During his career as a professional drummer, he was regularly booked by big names in the music business. Walfredo has played for Carlos Santana, Steve Winwood, Traffic, Robbie Robertson, Lindsey Buckingham, Jackson Browne, Ricky Lee Jones, Boz Scaggs, Joe Sample, David Lindley, Mickey Hart, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, El Chicano, Don & Dave Grusin, Frank Gambale and Carl Verheyen; to name just a few. He has performed with international artists such as Khaled (Algeria), Sergio Mendes (Brazil), Jimmy Barnes (Australia) and Johnny Hallyday (France). He has also appeared on numerous film and television soundtracks and released his own albums. He is currently touring with the band Chicago.

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Whether in the studio, on tour or as a drum teacher on the percussions, on the drum set or a mixture of both – Walfredo is a musician who puts all his passion, heart and soul into music and music lessons.

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Tom Brechtlein

Focus Areas: Jazz / Fusion / Touring / Studio

Tom Brechtlein grew up in East Meadow, Long Island and has been fascinated by drumming since he first heard the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Cream and Jimi Hendrix. As a world-class drummer Tom had the pleasure to play alongside fantastic artists like Chic Corea, Wayne Shorter, Al Di Meola, Joe Farrell, Jean-Luc Ponty, Robben Ford, Rickie Lee Jones, Kenny Loggins and Eric Johnson.

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Later, his attention turned to big band jazz. His involvement with jazz led him to Dave Brubeck’s drummer Joe Morello and then to modern giants like Elvin Jones and Tony Williams, as well as legends like Papa Jo Jones, Max Roach and Philly Joe Jones.

“When I was 18 years old,” Tom recalls, “I saw
Chick Corea’s Return To Forever on PBS Television; and I remember sitting there thinking, ‘Someday I’m gonna play with this guy.” Two years later, in 1978, he auditioned for Corea and got the gig. He remained in the band until 1983, when he joined Wayne Shorter’s band. Extensive tours with guitarist Al Di Meola and violinist Jean Luc Ponty followed, before Tom finally got together with Robben Ford in 1986.

In the Professional Program, Tom shares all his experience and skills as a world-class drummer.

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Jan Mischon

Focus Areas: Rock / Metal / Touring

Jan Mischon plays, composes and writes lyrics for Saltatio Mortis, teaches selected students and hosts a podcast for Radio Bob.

Jan has learned his craft in countless bands and formations. In the early days, there were sometimes more people ON stage than IN FRONT of it. But giving up was never an option. And so Jan learned a few important lessons along the way: What really works musically, what should you absolutely master, and with what can you inspire people?

In the meantime, Jan can look back on world tours and festivals, has four #1 albums and a gold record under his belt, and is himself still amazed at how many people have listened to his music.

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With his success, the question arose more and more frequently whether one could not also learn from him how Rock’n’Roll actually works. So he started teaching. To inspire his students to make music, to accompany them on their very own way and to help them to reach their different goals have always been Jan’s main motivation.

Steve Alexander

Focus Areas: Rock / Studio / Touring 

Steve Alexander became known as a drummer mainly through his work in the Jeff Beck Band, with Duran Duran and Lenny Kravitz. He is also a composer and producer and tours the world as a clinician for Sonor and Zildjian. Steve has his own philosophy of playing drums. In his lessons, he will introduce you to it.

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Patrick Fa

Focus Areas: Musical Director, Pop/ Rock

Patrick Fa is one of the best and most sought-after drummers and musical directors in Germany. The list of top stars who have already relied on his arts is long. Among others, world stars such as Kelly Rowland, Natasha Bedingfield, Anastacia, Shaggy and Nicole Scherzinger have already stood on stage with him.

Pat came to music through his father, who was a guitarist and singer, which is why he played music at every opportunity as a small child. On VHS tapes, he watched concerts of the Beatles or Iron Maiden, which he then tried to replay. At the age of 14 Patrick began to play the guitar, followed a few years later by the drums.

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Even today Pat is used on tour by stars, such as Stefanie Heinzmann, not only as a drummer, but also jumps in with the acoustic guitar during quieter sessions. Pat has also toured as a drummer and musical director with Rea Garvey, Luke Mockridge, the Great Night Show, Cassandra Steen and Fresh Music Live.



Roberto Cerletti

Focus Areas: Rock / Pop / Live / Touring

Roberto Cerletti completed his training as a professional drummer at the School of Jazz in Basel and at the Musicians Institute in California. This was followed by countless tours and studio recordings with stars such as Bridgit Mendler, Kamran & Hooman and Ana Barbara, engagements with The X-Factor, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and other well-known formats and jam sessions with stars such as Prince.

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Angela Frontera

Focus Area: Latin

Already in her youth, Angela set the course for her career as a professional drummer and played in the big clubs of São Paulo, where she grew up and where music entered her life. In 1993, Angela moved to Germany and quickly became an irreplaceable figure in the world music scene. She worked together with Nina Hagen, Grace Jones, Lou Bega, Airto Moreira, Rosanna & Zélia, Edo Zanki, Emiliana Torrini and Six was Nine.

On several occasions, she played as a guest in the Harald Schmidt Show Band.

Daniel Schild

Focus Areas: POP / ROCK / Linear Drumming

Daniel studied at the Drummers Institute Düsseldorf as well as at the Musikhochschule Mannheim.
His stylistic versatility has earned him a name in the national drum scene. He is a demanded sideman both nationally and internationally for touring and studio productions, holds clinics, leads workshops and regularly performs solo at drum festivals and trade shows. He is a contributing writer for ‘Drums&Percussion’ magazine, among others. In the past, he worked with artists such as:

BLAZE BEYLEY (ex-Iron Maiden), TOM COSTER (Santana/ Vital Information), AFSHIN and ELLIS HALL (u.a. Ray Charles)

Stefanos Dimitriou

Focus Areas: Jazz / Rock / Pop / Odd meters

One of the most respected session drummers in Greece is Stefanos Dimitriou. Over 25 years of live performance, an abundance of studio and teaching experience – Stefanos has a busy schedule and is highly demanded as a drummer and drum teacher. The list of names of his drum teachers involves leading characters of the drummer scene: Jim Chapin, Virgil Donati, Garry Novak, Will Kennedy, Nathaniel Townsley, Alex Acuna, Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer. Numerous international tours with well-known artists, studio recordings and television appearances followed.

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Stefanos began his career as a professional drummer by studying drums at the Athens Conservatory of Music. In the Professional Program of the Modern Music School, Stefanos gives inspiring, motivating and technically competent drum lessons for the next generation of drumming professionals.

Yannis Stavropoulos

Focus Areas: Jazz / Fusion

Yannis studied as a scholarship holder at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He played live and in the studio with musicians such as Mike “Jonesy” Jones, Chris Jacob, Aydin Esen and Vasilis Tsambropoulos, saxophonist Andy Sheppard, Jim Odgren, Lyn Dobson and Dimitri Vassilakis and bassist Manuel Orza, Xavier Padilla, Jack Kulp, Yotis Kiourktsoglou and George Fakanas. He also gave workshops together with George Kollias, Thomas Lang and Dom Famularo.

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He is currently recording and touring with the internationally acclaimed jazz quartet “NUKeLEUS”. Yannis works closely with the jazz masters Craig Bailey and George Kontrafouris and also teaches at the Modern Music School in Greece. His most famous student certainly is George Kollias.

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Tobias Urbanczyk

Focus Area: Rock / Pop / Touring

In 2011, Tobias Urbanczyk was a successful participant in the Professional Program of the Modern Music School. Afterwards, he completed his drum studies at the Musicians Institute in California and graduated as best in his class.

He got started in Los Angeles and has played in all the popular arenas in America and Canada. Tobias not only toured the world as a drummer for Disney star Sabrina Carpenter but also for pop stars like AJ Mitchell, Jonny Orlando, Jonas Blue and Alan Walker. He has complete confidence in Ableton as the playback tech of Billie Eilish and his brother FINNEAS. He has also played on TV shows such as The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Jimmy Fallon.

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Johannes Schmitt

Focus Area: Rock / Pop / Touring

Johannes embodies the symbiosis of audio engineer, drummer, and drum tech. In all three roles, he combines his passion for sound and sound aesthetics. As an audio engineer, he has been working as a permanent part of Klangkantine Studios since 2017, specializing in band and drum recordings. With over 60 completed productions in pop, rock and RnB, Johannes also feels most comfortable in the studio as a drummer. He has worked as a backliner and drum tech for Felix Lehrmann, Jonas Burgwinkel and Mark Guiliana, among others.

Stephan Zender

Focus Area: Rock

Stephan Zender has been with the Modern Music School since 1990. After his pedagogy studies, he went to Los Angeles to study drums at the Los Angeles Music Academy. Here, he had lessons with legendary coaches like Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Mark Schulman (Pink, Foreigner, Billy Idol etc.) and others. After his return from California, Stephan started teaching at MMS, and today he runs three own locations. He played in various bands, recorded albums and toured through Europe and America.

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