Jan Mischon

Jan Mischon on Stage as drummer of Saltatio Mortis

Drummer and composer for Saltatio Mortis

Jan Mischon plays, composes and writes lyrics for Saltatio Mortis, teaches selected students and hosts a podcast for Radio Bob.

Jan has learned his craft in countless bands and formations. In the early days there were sometimes more people ON stage than IN FRONT of it. But giving up was never an option. And so Jan learned a few important lessons along the way: What really works musically, what should you absolutely master and with what can you inspire people?

In the meantime, Jan can look back on world tours and festivals, has four #1 albums and a gold record under his belt, and is himself still amazed at how many people have listened to his music.

Jan Mischon teaches many students successfully

With his success, the question arose more and more frequently whether one could not also learn from him how Rock’n’Roll actually works. So he started teaching. To inspire his students to make music, to accompany them on their own way and to help them to reach their different goals have always been his motivation.

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Jan Mischon teaches our PP Students