Professional Program
For 20 months we’ll be guiding you step by step toward becoming a professional musician. You’ll improve your techniques and sight-reading skills, study all major styles and play alongside the music scene’s top professionals. No other place will teach you everything about the music industry, from basic to high level. Our instructors will share with you what turned them pro — their experience, know-how and an insider look at their path to becoming the successful musicians they are today.
Bob Saganas
Main Focus: Rock and Metal

Bob Saganas is one of our most experienced lecturers. He started playing guitar when he was 16 and graduated with a degree in medicine and guitar in Athens, Greece, in 2010. As professional guitarist, he was support act to several bands, for example the Scorpions and Thin Lizzy and played in front of huge audiences. He’s also worked with musicians like Kip Winger (Alice Cooper’s bass player.) He staged many impressive live performances all over Europe and is still a frequently booked guitarist. In his classes, Bob will lift your rock and metal playing skills to a professional level.

Thomas Blug
Main Focus: Live Playing

Thomas is one of the most creative heads in the German guitar scene who has also earned international acclaim. He’s worked alongside the show business’s top performers such as Steward Copeland (The Police), Ian Paice und Don Airey (Deep Purple), Graham Walker (Gary Moore), Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Mick Rogers (Manfred Man), Reggie Worthy (Ike & Tina Turner), Purple Schulz, Rainbirds, No Angels, Tic Tac Toe and Uwe Ochsenknecht.

His sound has an appeal that almost everybody is drawn to. Thomas’ arrangements and compositions made it into several movie and tv show soundtracks. In the Professional Program the "FENDER Stratking of Europe" lets his students in on the secrets of his sounds and soli.

Ace (Skunk Anansie)
Main Focust: Band Performance

Martin „Ace“ Kent, one of our PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM GUITAR lecturer, is a member of alternative rock band Skunk Anansie. Their Hit „Hedonism“ granted the band international success and, with more than 4 Million records sold, made them to one of the most successful bands of the 90s. Ace lives in London, UK, where he works as a musician and producer. His great passion are guitar effects which help him create his distinctive sounds. In class you’ll work on your band performance with him.

Yannick Robert
Main Focus: Jazz Playing

Yannick Robert from Paris is known for his unique “finger playing technique” and his melodic style. He studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood and at CIM in Paris and won the jazz contests at the famous La Défense Jazz Festival. Yannick is a guest lecturer at MAI (Music Academy International) in Nancy, Teaching Director at Ibanez Guitar Schools in France and Collection Director at ID Musique. Endorsing Ibanez Guitars, he was heavily involved in developing a fretless signature model and can be listened to on CDs like  “Fretless Guitar Masters” and “Village of the Unfretted”. This made him a star in the fretless guitar world. Yannick played with many great musicians of the jazz scene, such as Scott Henderson, Alain Caron, André Charlier, Michel Cusson, Jean-Marc Jafet or André Ceccarelli. He has also published many books, CDs and DVDs over the years. Being the great jazz expert he is, he will infuse the Professional Program with his knowledge and 30 year experience and will (re-)introduce you to the world of jazz playing.

Mika Tyyskä
Main Focus: Tapping, Sweeping and Arpeggio

Mika’s website is iconic amongst guitarists — mostly maybe due to the magic of Mr. Fastfinger, an animated character, and his virtuoso performance on six strings. As part of the PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM GUITAR, Mika, who’s from Finland, will introduce you exclusively to his tapping, sweeping and arpeggio techniques. He will also show you how to practice these techniques most effectively and how to use them in your music.

Christian Kreutzer
Main Focus: Recording, tuning

Christian Kreutzer began his music career when he was 6 years old and started with piano only to switch to guitar when he was 13. In 2001, he moved to Berlin and made a name for himself in the music scene there. He’s a popular live and studio guitarist to this date and worked with artists such as SIDO,  PRINZ PI, Mark Forster, Andreas Bourani, BOY, ELAIZA, B.S.H, Roman Lob, Helge Schneider, Barbara Schöneberger, Christian Durstewitz, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Yvonne Catterfeld,  Adel Tawil, BENNE, Menowin Fröhlich, Anthony That, Kim Fischer, Band ohne Namen, Della Miles, Asher Lane, Gregor Meyle, Sandhy Sondoro, Shai Hoffmann, Patric Q, Funk Delicious, Michael Falkenstein, Daniel Hall etc.

Christian’s distinctive sound is produced by his his own unique guitar tuning style, something he’ll show you in his class. He’ll also let you in on his live and studio experiences in rock, pop, and hip hop.

Professional Program consists of the following subjects:

In this class, we’ll review your basic skills and set you up with a plan to efficiently manage any gaps we discover. Even the most experienced guitarists discover a bad habit or two and we use this class to fix them. We’ll also cover technical things such as maintenance and care of your instrument and accessories.


Get the knowledge you need as a guitarist to understand the ins and outs of the music industry. Using case studies, we’ll discuss in depth different legal and financial aspects to help our students plan their individual careers.


Teaching is an important side-income for many professional musicians. Having a profound knowledge of modern teaching, and learning which concepts to use when teaching, will help you design interesting and efficient guitar lessons.  


Almost all styles contain improvisational elements. Spontaneous soloing is one of the biggest challenges for guitarists. In this class we’ll introduce you to different melodic approaches, strategies and practice concepts that will help you to build tension and expand your expression.   


In this class we’ll cover different genres and styles of Jazz from playing in different ensembles (trio to big band), to interpretation of standards and jazz soloing.  

Live Playing

To perform on stage is most guitarist’s dream. In this class, you’ll work on performance, live sound and practice methods so that you’re ready to play in any kind of scenario. We’ll also cover subjects such as equipment and effects.

Music Theory

Since guitarists take on different roles in a band — they’re responsible for  solos, rhythm, harmonie etc — you’ll have to have expert knowledge of the theory behind it. However, we won’t just give you lectures and theoretical facts, but will always seamlessly integrate facts with real life examples. As soon as you’ve got your theory covered, you’ll be well equipped to start composing and improvising.


Many guitarist rather avoid “reading” music. How about you? If so, don’t worry, you just haven’t found the right approach yet. In this class you’ll learn about melody and harmony notation, rhythm patterns and use of phrasing symbols. Strong reading skills will broaden your musical horizon, increase your versatility and will make your life as professional guitarist easier and more successful.


Studio work requires careful preparation and flexibility. In this class you’ll learn about different recording techniques, microphoning, and the specifics of mixing in order to optimize your recording setups. We’ll also cover recording arrangements and everything you need to know about post production.  


The requirements of professional rock guitar playing are often underestimated. Just think of all the sub-styles of rock music produced today — more than most other genres. In this class you’ll learn to master them all.   


Contemporary guitarist are no longer just excellent rockers, they’re also familiar with blues, funk, soul, jazz, country and latin with its characteristic licks. In this class you’ll learn the ins and outs about rhythms as well as soli for all styles. You’ll towards a versatility that’ll allow you to develop your own personal style.


In this class, we’ll talk about posture, proper left and right hand position and speed techniques like tapping and sweeping. We’ll cover everything you need to know to be able to develop fluency, dynamic, and precise timing on your guitar. We want to equip you with a technical repertoire of techniques you can draw from for any style in any situation.

One ticket to Madagascar and back
Marvin Warnke graduated from the PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM GUITAR in 2009 and went to Madagascar to start the same band that’s now receiving international acclaim.

During a voluntary internship at a public school in Madagascar, Marvin met three musicians who inspired him from the get go. Jointly, they started the Band Raoky. In the summer of 2013, they had the opportunity to perform at the Breminale in Germany and several other exclusively acoustic concerts in the north of Germany. With the help of a crowdfunding campaign, Raoky was able to release their debut album „Welcome to Raoky.“

The PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM GUITAR was Marvin’s launch pad into the music business.