Humberto Colacio

Humberto Colacio Dozent mit Gitarre

Humberto Colacio, brazilian guitarist, arranger and guitar teacher, studied classical guitar in the University Cantareira in Brazil (São Paulo) with Henrique Pinto, one of the most famous music educators.

After graduating, he deepened his knowledge in composition with another icon, Debora Gurgel, arrangement, harmony and improvisation. A duo concerto with her, crowned their work before his immigration to Germany.

Thanks to the Vertiegungsstudium with Debora Gurgel, today Humberto Colacio is an excellent arranger, who spares no effort and develops felxible arrangements in different instrumentations and musical styles.

Today, the guitarist and arranger performs in various cities in Germany with Brazilian musical works. Particularly noteworthy are the work and performances with the flutists, Nina Groschup and Rotraut Jäger, the singers Luciana Cardoso, Paula Carreira, Gabriela Maria Lehr, Fabio Domingues and Fausto Israel and the accordionist Darja Goldberg.

As a teacher in classical, electric guitar and music theory, he offers workshops in Brazilian music and works in different music schools in Hessen and in Baden-Württemberg. His students have already won several prizes in competitions such as “Jugend musiziert”.

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