Yannick Robert

Yannick Robert comes from Paris and is known for his unique finger playing technique and melodic playing. He studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood and at the CIM Paris and at this time was already chosen as the winner of the Jazz Contest of the famous La Défense Jazz Festival. He played with many stars of the jazz scene like Scott Henderson, Alain Caron, André Charlier, Michel Cusson, Jean-Marc Jafet or André Ceccarelli and has published numerous books, CDs and DVDs over the years. Yannick is a guest lecturer at the MAI (Music Academy International) in Nancy, Teaching Director of the Ibanez Guitar Schools in France and Collection Director at ID Musique.

As an endorser for Ibanez Guitars, he played a major role in the development of a Fretless Signature Model and can be heard on CDs such as Fretless Guitar Masters and Village of the Unfretted.

This makes Yannick a well-known figure in the Fretless Guitar World. As a specialist in the field of jazz, he adds his knowledge from over 30 years of experience to the Professional Program Guitar and introduces you to the world of jazz playing.