Professional Program

In our 20 month step-by-step program, you will be guided towards becoming a professional singer. You will improve your vocal technique and performance skills, study all major styles of singing, learn music theory and sight singing, play alongside the music scenes’s top professionals, and much, much more. 

No other place will teach you everything about the music industry starting from a basic to a high level. Our vocal instructors will share their individual stories about what made them turn pro – their experiences and first-hand know how - to give you inside knowledge on the path they have taken to becoming the successful singers they are today.

Ronja Petersen

Ronja Petersen is a recognized specialist in applied vocal technique. As head of the Modern Music School vocal department, she develops the global curriculum and trains the teachers in the most current and beneficial ways of teaching singing. Ronja completed her degree in vocal technique and performance at Musicians Institute in California where she graduated outstanding student of her class. She spent several years performing in the LA music scene at venues such as The House of Blues, Whisky a Go Go, and the Hotel Café before devoting herself full time to helping others reach their singing goals. 

Ronja’s work has made her a sought after vocal coach. She works with some of today’s professional touring musicians to help them build their voices and keep them healthy on the road. Her expertise on how people learn to sing has led her to work as a consultant researching the visual aspect of reading musical notation while singing. She is always on a quest to help people achieve the singing voice that they have always wanted.  



Tanja Kührer is a proficient and experienced vocal coach, who has trained a large number of students of all ages. She has worked with several commercially successful singers, helping them maintain a strong and healthy voice throughout their demanding everyday life on the road and in the studio. Tanja began her vocal education in London, where she attended the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) to study Music Performance. During her time in London she strengthened her skills in styles, improvisation and performance. She went on to study at the Vienna Music Institute in Vienna to receive her degree in jazz singing and IGP (Instrumental and Voice Pedagogy). Through training with various vocal tutors, she gained knowledge of many different techniques like Complete Vocal Technique, Speech Level Singing or Atem-Tonus-Ton. While performing regularly, she uncovered her love of teaching and coaching. Tanja began teaching private lessons out of her home in Linz, Austria before moving to Cologne, Germany to build a career as a professional vocal coach and singer. When she’s not writing songs, performing with her band or as a backing singer, she’s training more than 70 students ranging from beginner to pro. 

Professional Program consists of the following subjects:

Who are you as a singer? What is your personal expression? In this class we take the outset in YOU to develop a personal brand. This includes writing your bio, taking headshots, and creating an overall Electronic Press Kit (EPK) to promote you as a singer.


In this class, we will review your basic skills as a singer and set you up with a plan to focus on the specific needs of your voice. Even the most experienced singers discover a bad habit or two and we use this class to fix them. We will also cover elements of good singing habits and how to take care of your voice so that you are always at your best.


Understanding the music industry is important if you want to build a career as a singer. In this class you will learn about the different legal and financial aspects of the music industry including how to book gigs and get your music online.


As a singer one of your key tools for monitoring your performance is your ear. Training your ear will help you sing on pitch, stay with the beat and develop skills in improvisation. This class includes exercises in interval recognition, rhythmic patterns, and tonality.


Teaching is an important side-income for many professional musicians. Having a profound knowledge of modern teaching, and learning which concepts to use when teaching, will help you design interesting and efficient vocal lessons. It is also a great way to keep your own skills sharp as a singer.  


Moving around within the music and singing your heart out is an awesome feeling. It is also very impressive when singers know how to do it. In this class you will learn to hear the background music and pick the right notes to sing on top while making them up on the spot.


It is in your live performance that your skills are really put to the test. We will explore different performance situations such as play-a-longs, band performances with other pro musicians, and sessions and showcases. You will learn to communicate with the band and keep going even if you make a mistake.


Once you know the theory behind music you will be able to start singing at the right time, anticipate the elements of a song, and communicate about music in a language that the rest of your band understands. Some of the things you will learn during this class are: Song form, musical notation including rhythmic and melodic notation, and harmonics.


As a singer you really have the power to tell the story of the song and connect with the audience so they feel the music. This is such an amazing feeling but it can also be a bit scary. In this class we will work on interpreting song lyrics, creating stage moves, and connecting with the audience.  


In this class you will you will practice recording in a professional studio setting. This includes practicing mic techniques, becoming comfortable with listening back to your own voice, and getting different performances out of your voice during the different takes. This is a lot of fun and many singers grow tremendously once they experience the ability of their own voice in the studio.


In this class you will learn to read and sing melodies from notation. This might sound hard but we will take a fun step-by-step approach that will give you an understanding of basic reading. This skill is very useful if you get hired as a session singer or sing in a choir.


There are so many great different musical styles such as Rock, Pop, RnB, Blues, Jazz… yes we could go on :) Each different style has different things that characterizes it. In this class you will learn about the different styles and how to sing them authentically. You might even find a new favorite style that you did not know you were good at.


Learn good vocal technique and take your voice to the next level. Once you know the anatomy and technique behind how your voice works you will be able to adjust it to get the sound that you want. During these sessions you will learn technique such as breath support, resonance, vocal agility, mixed voice and so much more.