The Professional Program Vocals is an intensive vocal training and is especially designed to train your individual singing voice.

In a period of 20 months, we train you to become a professional singer. Our teachers will work with you on your singing technique, on your weaknesses and create a foundation for your strengths. This includes the basics, sight-singing and hearing training, different vocal and breathing techniques, different singing styles and improvisation. On top of that, we teach you the right performance, singing with a band, recording, teaching and artist development. We also train and coach you in the music business. Because only having a great voice is usually not enough to settle in the music business.

Learn MORE about the individual subjects of the Professional Program Vocals and the components of our vocal training.

Your instructors

The Professional Program Vocals is a vocal training at the highest level. Our instructors have the appropriate training and experience in their respective fields to provide you with intensive vocal training and knowledge.
The Professional Program Vocals offers you more than just singing lessons. You will be accompanied on your way to becoming a professional musician by professional singers and voice trainers, as well as experts from the fields of business and teaching. Business administration, media law, coaching and education are also on the curriculum for our future professional singers.

Our singing coaches for the Professional Program Vocals are professional musicians. But they do not only know which techniques you need in order to develop your voice in the best possible way or what is important for stage performance. Our coaches also know how to teach you the necessary skills, because they not only have an excellent musical education but they are also didactically and methodically up to date. That’s why the Professional Program of the Modern Music School teaches you in a quick, sustainable and effective way.

This is what you need to have

The Professional Program Vocals is a particularly intensive vocal training. It goes far beyond the basics and deep into the details. That’s why you need to have a few basic prerequisites when you apply. In order to get the most out of our singing lessons, you should master the following things:

  • Tone Safety
  • Feeling for Rhythm
  • Basic Knowledge of Music Theory
  • A Healthy Voice

We also require knowledge of English. We have instructors from the international music business.

What else is important? You need to have fun with the styles rock, pop, jazz and blues. The Professional Program is about modern music. That’s why our musical focus is on these styles.

If you are not sure whether you have all the necessary prerequisites for training with the Professional Program, we will be happy to advise you at any time and check with you whether the Professional Program Vocals is right for you and your musical goals.
We also offer you the opportunity to prepare for the Professional Program Vocals at one of our Modern Music School locations with an experienced vocal coach if you do not meet some of the requirements yet.

Professional Program Vocals
Your Advantages

  • You can do your vocal education alongside school or work.
  • You can easily finance the training in monthly rates.
  • You will receive additional coaching between the lessons.
  • After a 10-month PP, you will have the opportunity to participate in the trainer training of the MODERN MUSIC SCHOOL and you can teach at an MMS location during your training.
  • You are doing the UK Grade 8 exam.

  • You can do the Rock School Performance Diploma.
  • In the Professional Program, you are able to learn in a pleasant atmosphere and have the advantage of a large network. All our instructors are professionals in their field AND in teaching.