Yinka MC and lead vocalist

Focus Area: rhythmical approach & performance in styles of urban music

MC Yinka is a musician/vocalist /performer raised in Athens. He did his first steps by Mcing in Drum N’ Bass parties. As a Mc and a lead vocalist, he was a member of Funkaholic anonymous, Dr. Votkanini, Imam Baidi, and as an electric bass player a member of Direct Connection, Hidroliq and Falstreak hole. He is the creator of music projects Urbanix and Fuzics that present a rich set of hip hop, reggae, afro beat, funk, and drum n bass tunes. He attended the national conservatory of Greece with Natassa Flouri as his teacher and has a degree in modern singing. As an actor, he played on the motion picture “OMIROS” directed by Konstantinos Gianaris, and on several of the theatrical plays such as. “FESTEN”,“NEKYIA” “INDIAN SUMMER”, “ETERNAL PEACE”, ANTIGONE to name a few.

Hip Hop Workshop and more

He and two other artists Presented a seminar concerning hip hop and dadaism in Pierce college.

He made a talk in Ted x youth with the topic: How speech affects and can be affected by rhythm.

Yinka presented a hip hop workshop in elementary and high schools all around the world. He was a part of a program called AGONH GRAMMH GONIMH in which he wanted the kids to get in a creative process by writing lyrics, creating rhythmic patterns and exposing themselves for the first time.

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