Stefanos Dimitriou

Stefanos Dimitriou Drummer

Focus Areas: Jazz / Rock / Pop / Odd meters

One of the most respected session drummers in Greece is Stefanos Dimitriou. Over 25 years of live performance, an abundance of studio and teaching experience – Stefanos has a busy schedule and is highly demanded as a drummer and drum teacher. The list of names of his drum teachers involves leading characters of the drummer scene: Jim Chapin, Virgil Donati, Garry Novak, Will Kennedy, Nathaniel Townsley, Alex Acuna, Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer. Numerous international tours with well-known artists, studio recordings and television appearances followed.

Stefanos began his career as a professional drummer by studying drums at the Athens Conservatory of Music. In the Professional Program of the Modern Music School, Stefanos gives inspiring, motivating and technically competent drum lessons for the next generation of drumming professionals.

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