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In the Corona crisis, it becomes clear once again: musicians who are financially dependent on performances have a hard time. With our Professional Program, we offer you a unique opportunity. After successfully completing the program, every graduate has the opportunity to pursue a career at the Modern Music School and to earn money as a music trainer despite a crisis.

Due to flexible working hours as a music trainer, you can also advance your career on stage.

Music is your passion? And you want to turn this passion into a profession? With the Professional Program, you can live your dream and become a professional musician.

We have been training musicians since 1990 – with success. Today, our graduates are able to live from their music. They work as professional musicians on stage, in the studio and have crisis-proof jobs as music teachers at a Modern Music School.

Guitar, drums, or vocals – we will accompany you for over 20 months on your way to becoming a professional musician. Once a month, you will attend our weekend seminar with 16 hours of lessons and a 14-day webinar with your teacher to check the contents. The rest of the training period can be freely arranged.

The Professional Program is aimed at ambitious musicians who can master certain basics. This worldwide unique training as a musician and music trainer can be completed alongside school, studies, or work. You also have the choice between our BASIC and the PRO module.


For me, the Professional Program is the perfect blend of fun combined with the most intensive instruction at a high level. The instructors push you to get the best out of yourself and to keep going, which makes the program priceless for any aspiring musician!

Lars Willeitner, Professional Program student Drums

The Professional Program has fantastic instructors from whom you learn a lot, as well as an excellent team behind the scenes. Even as an experienced singer, I am learning many new musical skills and get to know my voice in a new way. I approve of the unconventional learning methods and I have the feeling that there is always someone who will take care of my questions as a course participant

Stefanie Blumhofer, Professional Program student Vocals
The Professional Program improved me extremely and my musicality took a big step forward. Especially, because we dived deeply into all the different styles. Thanks to the great atmosphere within the group, our work- and learn flow were super productive.

Pascal Schopp, Professional Program Guitar

Guitarist of the Band THE OKLAHOMA KID

“An extremely versatile program with great instructors. I used to play only Metal music, but got introduced to different styles such as, Latin Jazz and Odd-Meter. That was amazing!”
Andreas Reinhard, Professional Program Guitar

School manager of Modern Music School in Brühl, Germany

“The PP-Vocals took my singing to a whole new level! In contrast to “normal” singing lessons, I learned all facets of singing here – and that with great teachers and a top organization of the program!”

Marco Toppel, Professional Program Vocals

I love how we not only get to learn from the amazing instructors who give us an  insight into the different techniques and genres,but we also get to learn from one another! Learning is so much better in a group than by yourself !!!And being the youngest I realised that it doesn’t matter how old or young you are because music transcends beyond those boundaries.

Binnette Kihiu, Professional Program student Vocals

Teaches over 100 students every week

“Thanks to the Professional Program, I learned all the techniques and styles, which I need as a professional musician. In this program I was also trained to become a drum teacher.”
Fabian Krieger, Professional Program Drums

Thanks to the Professional Program Vocals I learn everything you can learn in terms of singing & vocals. Through this training, I have improved my performance & getting more and more used to using my voice in all possible facets!

In short: self-confidence on-, as well as off-stage is strengthened! In addition, I have learned and improved a lot in music theory and harmony.
A good balance between theory and practice!

Robert Müller, Professional Program student Vocals

“I am very impressed with the high level of the instructors and what they teach.”

Dom Famularo, Professional Program Drums

Toured the world with Sabrina Carpenter and AJ Mitchell and more.

“The Professional Program was the perfect preparation for my professional drum career. Different instructors will train you for over 20 Months. This was a investition for my whole life.”

Tobias Urbanczyk, Professional Program Drums

“The Professional Program changed my drum playing fundamentally. In 20 months I learned more about music than ever before.”

Timo Liebschner, Professional Program Drums


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From basics to high level, the Professional Program teaches you everything you need to know in regard to the music business. This means that you will not only adjust your own technique and learn new techniques, but also learn all the important styles and their most popular songs. Furthermore, you will play side by side with great artists from the scene. This includes live playing and band work with like-minded people who have the same goal as you. To ensure that you are trained in as many different ways as possible, topics such as harmony/audio training and reading are also covered. No matter if you are a drummer, guitarist, or singer: Skills like creating lead-sheets are as much a part of this training as skillful improvising in several styles. These areas will help you get the best out of yourself, so you can take on complex jobs later on. Furthermore, you will receive a broad education in areas such as music business, performance, and production. Nowadays, a musician is expected to do much more than just master his instrument. We help you achieve these goals.


The guitar education with the
Professional Program of the

Modern Music School



The drum education with the
Professional Program of the
Modern Music School



The vocal education with the
Professional Program of the
Modern Music School



We offer you more than just music lessons for future professionals. A leading media lawyer and one of Germany’s top 10 tax consultants will give you an extensive knowledge concerning the world of the music business. You will also be trained exclusively by the best business coaches.

Furthermore, you will get access to the Teacher Training of the Modern Music School in case you are interested in working as a music teacher in the PEEMBECK system later.

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