Sofia Sarri

Sofia Sarri, vocal coach, songwriter

Hello, I’m Sofia Sarri,

the head of the vocal department. I’m excited to welcome you to our immersive journey of musical growth and excellence. Our program offers a comprehensive and exciting experience that focuses on contemporary vocal techniques, music theory and harmony, performance and stage presence, and a diverse range of music styles. — including pop, rock, blues, soul, jazz, metal, and more. Our skilled and experienced team of vocal instructors will help you develop a healthy voice that expresses your unique versatility. They push you to discover the immense abilities of the human voice. Become part of our supportive community of fellow musicians who share the same passion and dedication to music.

Focus Area: Pop/Rock

Sofia is a vocalist and songwriter from Greece who made her debut in 2006 with the post-rock band “Night on Earth,” a true pioneer of Athens’ indie scene. She has established herself as a diverse and versatile vocalist, performing and composing for a wide range of music projects, from black metal bands to avant-garde and jazz ensembles. Sofia’s talent has also been recognized in the realm of film and television, as she contributed to the soundtrack of the Netflix original series “1988.”

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