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Focus Area: Rock/Pop/Jazz

Tanja Kührer is an experienced voice and singing trainer who teaches a large number of students of all ages. She also frequently works with commercially successful singers and supports them in maintaining a strong and healthy voice during their demanding daily lives on tour and in the recording studio.

Successful German Pop Punk / Emo Band Still Talk

Tanja Kührer and her band Still Talk released their debut EP in 2022 titled “A Short Collection of Songs About How Easily I’m Distracted.” The EP received airplay on many radio stations in Germany like 1LIVE, MDR Sputnik, BR Puls, and Deutschlandfunk, and garnered attention from music publications such as VISIONS, DIFFUS, FUZE, and more.

Following an extensive tour in Germany in 2023, the band’s debut album, featuring 11 songs, will be released in the fall of the same year on the indie label hithome based in Cologne. They also played on famous festivals like Vainstream Festival or Cock am Ring in Münster, Germany.

Well Studied Vocal Teacher

Tanja began her vocal training in London, where she studied singing and performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). During her time in London, she strengthened her skills in stylistics and improvisation.

She then completed a dual course of studies in jazz singing and IGP (instrumental and vocal pedagogy) at the Vienna Music Institute in Vienna. She gained knowledge about techniques such as the Complete Vocal Technique or Speech Level Singing.

Tanja already discovered her love for teaching and coaching during her own studies. When she is not playing concerts or writing songs, she trains students to become professionals.

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