Andreas Reinhard

Andreas Reinhard Dozent mit Gitarre

Andreas Reinhard completed the Professional Program in 2011, then relocated to Berlin to study music production at the School of Popular Arts. The program equipped him with the necessary tools to thrive as a musician in the vibrant German capital and broadened his horizons.

Touring with Cloudy June

In Berlin, Andreas has skillfully carved out a niche for himself as a multi-faceted artist, encompassing roles as a studio and touring musician, as well as a producer. He passionately lends his guitar skills to various musical acts, such as Cloudy June and TAM, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. His primary dedication, however, remains with his own band, The Oklahoma Kid, which has successfully toured Europe.

Reflecting on his transformative experience in the program, Andreas appreciates its versatility and the quality of its instructors. During his studies, his musical abilities expanded significantly as he explored diverse genres like Latin Jazz and Odd-Meter. This exposure was truly awe-inspiring for him.

Andreas Reinhard’s journey from completing the Professional Program to establishing himself as a respected musician and producer in Berlin is a testament to the program’s effectiveness. The comprehensive training and support provided enabled him to develop his skills and broaden his musical repertoire, fueling his professional passion.

Aspiring musicians in the program can find inspiration in Andreas’s success story. By embracing the program’s opportunities for growth, connecting with talented instructors, and embracing diverse musical styles, they too can pursue fulfilling careers in the ever-evolving music industry.

Whether aspiring to be touring musicians, studio producers, or artists in their own right, the Professional Program offers a comprehensive foundation to unlock their potential and achieve their musical aspirations. Join today and take the first step towards transforming dreams into reality in the exhilarating world of music.


“An extremely versatile program with great instructors.
I used to play only Metal music, but got introduced to different styles such as, Latin Jazz and Odd-Meter.
That was amazing!” — Andreas